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Harsh Singh Dahiya

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Harsh Singh Dahiya

Harsh Singh Dahiya is an Advocate at the Supreme Court of India with a diverse background in business, engineering, and law.​

Harsh is primarily a white-collar criminal law practitioner. Throughout his journey in the legal profession, he has worked on a plethora of matters pertaining to Criminal and Commercial Laws and made some significant contributions in the areas of criminal law and political matters.

Harsh possesses a diverse educational background encompassing business, engineering, and law, holding degrees in Engineering, LL.B., and an MBA from Cardiff University, UK. This unique combination of qualifications equips him with a comprehensive understanding of multifaceted legal issues and the ability to provide holistic solutions to complex cases.

A firm believer of concept of 'Antyodaya' meaning the “rise of the last person”, Harsh is dedicated to fighting for the rights of those who may not have the means to advocate for themselves, and works to ensure that justice is served for all.​

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