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Criminal Litigation

Expert legal representation for individuals facing criminal charges, ensuring vigorous defense and protection of rights throughout all stages of legal proceedings.

Civil Litigation

Comprehensive legal support for resolving disputes, offering strategic counsel and advocacy to navigate complex civil cases with integrity and professionalism.

Commercial Litigation

Tailored legal strategies to address complex business disputes, delivering effective advocacy and resolution to safeguard your commercial interests with precision and expertise.

Intellectual Property Laws

Dedicated counsel for safeguarding your innovations and creations, offering robust protection strategies and proactive enforcement to defend your intellectual assets in today's dynamic business landscape.

ED & PMLA Matters

Specialized legal guidance for navigating Enforcement Directorate and Prevention of Money Laundering Act cases, ensuring meticulous defense and strategic advocacy to safeguard your interests amidst complex regulatory challenges.


Efficient resolution of disputes outside of traditional court proceedings, with tailored strategies for effective negotiation and representation, ensuring swift and cost-effective outcomes tailored to your specific needs.


Championing Justice.

Empowering Clients.

The Chambers has a successful and long-standing practise in all courts including the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, Bombay High Court, and District Courts in Delhi, dealing with wide array of legal matters.

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